Secretary General

Secretary General Maria Leissner supports the Presidency and the Governing Council in providing strategic leadership to the Community.

In addition to heading the Permanent Secretariat, Secretary General Leissner acts as the official spokesperson for the Community and represents the organization in appropriate international meetings where the agenda includes democracy issues. She performs these tasks in close consultation with the Presidency and the GC.

The Secretary General’s duties include supporting the development of the CoD, in accordance with the mission statement and the Warsaw Declaration. She also supports the Governing Council, the Presidency, as well as the chairs of the Working Groups and affiliated bodies by providing recommendations.

The Secretary General also develops the annual work plan and programs, ensuring their conformity with the priorities set by the Governing Council. Secretary General Leissner, the first person to hold this position, is a Swedish ambassador who was seconded to the Community in 2012. Her term ends in 2017.