Improving Electoral Practices


International IDEA

Community of Democracies 2014

Over the last decades, a significant expansion in the number of democracies was registered around the world. Authoritarian regimes have given way to democratic institutions, with responsive governments and increasingly open societies. Specific attention has been paid by the international community to electoral processes, considered to be one of the cornerstones of democracy. In the light of these developments, the Community of Democracies, through its newly established Working Group on Elections, and International IDEA are proud to present an innovative project- Practical Approaches to Improve Electoral Processes.

Conducted by International IDEA in cooperation with the Community of Democracies, and supported by the Government of the Republic of Korea, the objective of the project is to produce a publication that presents initiatives of selected countries to improve professionalism of Election Management Bodies (EMBs), regulation of political finance and promotion of equal participation and representation of women and marginalized groups, which are among the recommendations of the Global Commission on Elections, Democracy and Security. The publication highlights lessons learned and share good practices in these areas of electoral processes that could benefit democracies in transition.

In particular, the study addresses constitutional and legal frameworks, as well as current practices in the conduct of elections, seeking to identify achievements, strengths, and challenges. Special experts and consultants are recruited to perform the research in eight country case-studies: Australia, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Republic of Korea, Spain and Tunisia. The countries were selected taking into account geographical balance, level of democratic development and type of electoral and governmental system.