Emerging Democracy Support

In order to protect and widen the space for democracy, we give succor to those who are working in young democracies to promote fundamental principles like gender equality, rule of law and press freedom. Transition is a long and complicated process, unique for each state. Nonetheless, there are basic lessons that can be applied regardless of the circumstances found in any individual country.

By helping countries that have recently embarked on the democratic journey, the Community contributes to the protection of the values and principles of the Warsaw Declaration. Our projects targeting transitioning states focus on strengthening just and accountable institutions, instilling rule of law and protecting civic space in an effort to build strong, mature democracies.

Through the CD-UNITED initiative, the CoD provided support to a number of projects, selected from externally submitted proposals. Development of a democracy education plan for Kosovo and Mongolia or pre-election trainings in Tunisia are just two examples of activities implemented through the CD-UNITED mechanism. Read more. 

The LEND Network program provides sustainable support to young democracies by investing in future generations of leaders. Over 100 professionals from Moldova and Tunisia benefited from ample opportunities for networking, knowledge-sharing and learning from those, who have successfully navigated transition in the past. Read more.

Under the scope of our Decentralization initiative, several regional workshops were carried out in various parts of Ukraine. Recommendations on the process assembled during the workshops made a direct impact on key Ukrainian decision-makers. Read more. 

In the past, the CoD has also engaged in ensuring a peaceful and inclusive transitional process in Myanmar. Over 150 participants from the government, parliament, military, academia and civil society convened on the transition process to increase prospects of peaceful transition in the country. Read more. 


Are you interested in supporting democratic advancement in your country?  

The LEND Network is constantly seeking participation from leaders, governments, civil society activists and other partners to take part in its work.

For further details, please contact the LEND Network Program Coordinator at lend@community-democracies.org.